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Quidlab E-Meeting & Voting System User’s Manual For Directors & Company Secretary Video Conferencing Option

Quidlab E-meeting & Voting System does not require any special application to install. It is very easy to use system and does not require any special skills. You can use any latest updated version of browser e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox etc. You can also use computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.
You will receive an email with username and password. This username and password are valid only for E-Meeting or E-Meeting of company stated in the email. Email also contains a link to join the meeting (e.g., https://subdomain.quidlab.com).

Download User’s Manual
Online Voting System

How to Login

  • Click on link in email or type URL in browser. After clicking you will be taken to E-Meeting website.
  • Enter your username & password.
  • Accept Term Then click Log In to join the meeting.
  • You may be asked to “allow” camera and microphone permissions when you join meeting or when you start the camera and microphone.
  • Depending on meeting requirements you may be able to see all or only some of participants who have their camera on.

How to Navigate

  • E-Meeting system has following parts which can be navigated by clicking on menu links (1) (some functions are available to company secretary only). Other users of E-Meeting will be shown in this section (2).
Online Voting System

Quorum & Voting Results

  • You can check quorum and voting results by clicking on Voting Results button (3) any time during meeting, votes will be displayed only after agenda is closed.
Online Voting System

Download Documents

  • You can download company provided documents, if any e.g., Annual Report, Company presentation etc. by clicking on Download button (4).
Online Voting System

Recording quorum and closing agendas

  • You can record the quorum and close agendas. (5)
    (This option is for the company secretary only).
  • For recording a quorum click on Save Quorum button (6). To close the agenda, click Change (7). When the agenda is closed, you will receive a success message (8).
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  • You can download reports from here (9) (This option is for the company secretary only).
Online Voting System


  • Click on the Q&A button (10)to read shareholders questions. All questions from participants will be sent to this message box. Both directors and secretary will be able to see all messages. All read messages will be displayed as a GREEN envelope, unreaded messages remain RED. (Details of shareholders will display at the bottom of the question). Company cannot reply questions through chat box. Questions must be answered through the voice only.
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  • Click on Manual button (11) to see support infomations.
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Microphone and Camera

  • To start or stop camera and microphone click on Microphone or Camera button (12). You can check your microphone and camera settings here.
Online Voting System

Share screen

  • To share screen (e.g. Power Point presentation or video) press Share Screen button (13). Shared file must be open in a full screen view only (Show Big Screen). Press the window button, select the file (14) and press share button (15).
Online Voting System

Chat box (for company use only)

  • Company officers who login as Director or Secretary can send messages (16) to each other (shareholders are unable to see chat conversations).
Online Voting System

Meeting Participation

  • You can check the list of attendees (17) at any time during the meeting. The list of attendees will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
Online Voting System

Toggle Tile View

  • You can switch display (18) between single window to see active speaker in full screen or multiple windows showing thumbnails of all presenters who have their camera on.
Online Voting System


  • You can change your devices settings by clicking on Settings button (19) (e.g. camera, microphone (20) and language (21)).
Online Voting System


  • You can change the background or add the background manually (22) (can be change by devices with camera only).
Online Voting System

Share Video (23)

  • Type or paste YouTube or any video link.
Online Voting System


  • To Logout click on Logout button (24).
Online Voting System

Minimum System Requirements

  • Bandwidth: System uses simulcast hence automatically manages video quality or turns off some of videos if bandwidth is low, however for good conference a 5 Mbps bandwidth is recommended
  • Video quality: 720p
  • CPU: Video conferencing requires high CPU power, Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: at least 4 GB
  • Ports: Following ports must be opened for outbound traffic if blocked at firewall
  • TCP: 80 & 443, 5349
  • UDP: 10000
E-Meeting & Online Voting System

Technical Support

  • If you see any problems accessing E-Meeting system please contact Quidlab via telephone on 080-008-7616 or 02-0134322 or email at info@quidlab.com.
  • Before contacting technical support, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below which may solve your issue.
  • We recommend that you use a computer (PC) or notebook (Laptop).
  • The internet used must be stable and strong enough. The meeting runs for more than 1 hour.
  • To prevent audio echo or audio feedback, please mute the microphone for all logged directors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

As stated in technical support section always provide complete details else it may take longer to resolve your issues. Most common issue about login are as follows:
1. Incorrect username & password provided. Please check if you are copying and pasting username & password then it may not have been copied correctly. In most common cases a space at end of username and password also gets copied and hence you cannot login due to incorrect passwords. An example is below.

2. Other login issues can be due to network issue, no internet connection or other business rules (company may allow you to login only for example 1 hour before, you are login too late and meeting may have already been finished etc.), which are alerted to user and are self-explanatory.

  • You are allowed to login earlier than meeting time to familiarize yourself with system, however Live streaming will start at meeting time as indicated on invitation.
  • Your browser may not activate video or audio due to privacy reasons. Check if audio is not muted or video is not paused. When streaming is live it will be indicated as shown in image below.
  • Please check your mobile's or computer's sound volume if audio is not muted.

    1. Check Volume Levels and Muting
  • Right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select Open Volume Mixer.
  • You can set audio level for each application's from here. (e.g, If you join meeting by Google Chrome ensure audio level is setup correctly for that browser)

    2. Make sure your computer is using the right speakers or headphones
  • Select the Correct Audio Output Device on Windows
  • 1. Left-click the speaker icon.
  • 2. Select your preferred playback device.
  • 3. Make sure your correct playback device is selected.

    3. View site information on your website browser. (this option may change depends on browser you are using).
  • e.g.,Google Chrome:
  • 1. Select "padlock" icon next to your browser address bar.
  • 2. Sound settings should be set as Automatic (Default) or Allow

    My microphone is not working.
  • Check the Microphone Volume Level on Windows
  • Using your right mouse button, Right click on the speaker in your System Tray, and select Open Sound settings.
  • Under Input, select Device properties.
  • Make sure Disable is not checked, and make sure the volume is at a reasonable volume.

There are 2 reasons for getting logged out automatically.
1. For security reasons each user can login only on one device and if you try to login on another device or different browser on same computer previous login will get logged out automatically. Do not share your username & password with another person.
2. If you try to refresh your browser window (e.g. clicking on reload button or dragging screen on mobile which is equivalent to reload) you will be logged out as this may be considered as duplicate login.

Quidlab uses multiple CDN to provide good quality streaming to all users. Our streaming system supports adaptive streaming which means it can automatically change quality depending upon your internet speed to provide you best streaming experience. If you face this issue please check your internet connection, WIFI or cellular signal for problems.

There are some business rules which can prevent voting and are clearly marked under each agenda for your reference and are self-explanatory, some common cases are as follows:
  • Agenda does not require voting and is for acknowledgement only
  • Agenda is already closed hence it gets locked and you cannot change vote
  • You logged in late and some of agendas were already voted
  • A proxy form B was sent which has already been voted and does not allow you to change vote
  • You can cast your votes any time after login and all votes will be recorded. You can also change your vote till the time agenda is not closed by company officers. Once agenda is closed you cannot change your vote

    Company conducting E-AGM may allocate certain time for question & answer session for example after each agenda or end of meeting.

    When you login first time system marks your votes as Approved however you can change your vote any time, even if you logout and login again. Login in and logout several times does not affect your previously casted votes.

    If you encounter problems send us an email to info@quidlab.com with the details of vulnerabilities or bug report.