Wifi Infrastructures Service

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Today’s hotel guests expect free Wi-Fi as standard. That means a reliable connection, anywhere in the building, on all their devices without limit.

To meet that high-speed WiFi demand, hotels are turning to Quidlab for an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable WiFi infrastructure without the cost and complexity that often comes from larger wireless vendors.

Wifi Quidlab
Wifi for Hotles Bangkok

Complete wireless solution designed specifically for Hotel applications

Includes Wireless Controllers, a cloud wireless management platform, and Smart Access Points that eliminate WiFi problems, providing seamless, wide-ranging, highspeed WiFi that’s easy to install, manage, and afford.
Quidlab also offers a site survey to help you assess what you need and get you started.

Quidlab wireless solutions enable hotels of all sizes to deliver a luxurious WiFi experience to their guests.