Online Voting System

Easy and Secure

  • No software to download or installation required

  • Works on all operating systems e.g. Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux etc

  • OTP option available for security in addition to username & password

  • Only one login instance allowed per shareholder preventing sharing of user name & password and prevent duplicate login

  • Simple user interface for shareholders & Directors / Staff

  • Realtime meeting broadcast

  • Easy integration with MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Hangout meet etc., if required

  • Supports voting for custodian

  • Grouping options available for shareholders holding more than one account

Controlled online voting:

  • Shareholders can change vote till the time agendas are opened and being discussed

  • Shareholders cannot change vote after agenda is closed

  • Shareholders cannot vote for closed agendas eg login/arrive late

  • Shareholders can vote all agendas and leave meeting if they wish

  • Support all voting options, eg Normal, Exclude Abstain, Exclude Void, Exclude Abstain & Void etc

  • Supports No Vote Option

Online Voting System
E-Meeting & Online Voting System


  • Broadcast company presentation, Quorum & voting results to online shareholders

  • Online shareholders and on premises shareholder’s attending meeting in person can be registered and voted simultaneously

  • Various templates for video overlays using media hardware or software

  • Support multi cameras

  • Recording of meeting and various reports after meeting