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To achieve good corporate governance scores and shareholders satisfaction, companies should be able to provide transparent, accurate and fast results of AGM / EGM.
Quidlab’s AGM / EGM registraton and Voting system helps SET listed companies to achieve above results with ease.

AGM & EGM service

Benefits of using Quidlab AGM Service

Time Effectiveness
Transparent and Accurate results
Fast and Accurate voting results

Automate Registration
Quidlab AGM services

Easy, Affordable, Flexible

- Hotel Booking/ Coordination with hotel
- Annual report & invitation/notice
- Annual report CD & mobile application
- AGM Software Services
- Document Checking at meeting
- Simultaneous Translation (Thai-English-Thai)
- Video Recording / Photo Shoot
- Emcee & Script Service
- Meeting minutes recording & documentation


- Good Corporate Governance
- Time Effectiveness
- Transparent and Accurate results
- No lengthy manual work
- High scores for corporate Governance from SEC
- Share Holder's satisfaction

Quidlab services benefits

One Stop AGM Service

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Agm results

Transparent and Accurate results

- Automate Registration
- Automatic printing of Voting Ballot Papers
- Ballot papers are printed automatically with bar code at time of registration.
- Separate layout for Custodians, proxies and share - holders
- Support shareholders, proxies and Custodians
- Live Attendance, Quorum visual display in the meeting Room
- Support of different formula's for voting calculations
- Fast and Accurate voting results using barcode vote counting
- Reports per agenda and per shareholder, summary of votes etc.